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 Accepting Patients in GA, TN, and IL for Virtual Appointments

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Your friends and family think you have it together. You’re the one everyone turns to for the answers. But who do you turn to? You’re overwhelmed at work and in your classes but still think it’s not enough. You’ve got friends and family but sometimes you feel out of touch from them. You worry about any and everything.  You compare yourself to others and feel like everyone is succeeding while you remain stuck. You’ve got all these goals and dreams and you’re starting to wonder if you have what it takes to reach them. 



You’ve been thinking about therapy for a while but often was unsure of how it works or if it would truly help. I’ve been there and it really helped change my life. If you put in the work, it can change your life too.   


You know the type of therapists you see on TV or in the movies? The therapists who only ask, “how does that make you feel?” and only speak in dull, monotone voices while the client lies on a couch: Yeah, that’s not me!


I am personable, laid-back, loud, and sometimes curse. I’m known for my smile and outgoing personality. I will talk to anyone I just met like I have known them my whole life.


During sessions, I speak casually so you will feel like we’ve met before or you’re talking to one of your close girlfriends. I ask you about what’s going on in your life, your family, and your Boo. I genuinely want to know how you’ve been doing. I’m not afraid to talk about the hard or uncomfortable stuff. And I’m also not afraid to let you know when you’re not being true to yourself.


I listen to each person’s specific needs and tailor the therapeutic process to provide the most beneficial, effective, and enjoyable experience possible. My goal is to ensure healing, personal growth, and success in living your best life.  

Meet Rhea Hill, DSW,  LCSW,  BCD, MAC



I'm so glad you've taken the first step in the healing process. Good for you! At Empowered Solutions, we understand and applaud the courage it takes to seek help, and I feel honored  that you're considering me to join you on your healing journey. 

I am here not only to be a listening ear, but to provide you with tools and guidance to help you navigate your emotions. Life can be hard, and it becomes even more difficult when you suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or trauma. The good news is you are not alone and you definitely don't have to suffer in silence.


Whether you're coming in by yourself, bringing your partner, or your family, I'm here to support you. I believe you deserve a compassionate therapist, someone who enjoys making you feel safe and secure while also providing support to help you form healthy relationship and improve your overall sense of well-being

Together we can get you on a path to living your best life! 


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